Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Kasie

My good friend Debbie, fellow knitter, and member of our BeeGees Thursday night knitting group, had a beautiful baby girl recently. She's the one I knit the Trellis sweater for.

Kasie joined us last Thursday for her first knitting lesson. She was not even a week old. The few of us who happened to be in attendance that night were lucky enough to meet her, hold her, sniff her head (sorry, I have a baby head sniffing addiction...I can't help it. I'm fully aware of my problem, and I readily admit it. But I'm not hurting anyone, so just let it alone, people!) and try to get her to open her eyes for us. When she did, it was mostly just her left eye, which cracked us up every time.

I'm not sure if Debbie wants me posting her photo here or not. I'll have to ask her. Meanwhile, just know she is a beautiful little sweetie pie, and I am so happy for Deb and John. Let the fun begin!

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