Saturday, September 22, 2007

WHY didn't I have my camera???

I worked yesterday....a very busy day at the shop, but I loved every minute of it. I unpacked about 80 lbs. of yarn, entered it all into the computer, printed labels, got it all priced and shelved in a beautiful rainbow of colors. Sales were pretty good too, so I was exhausted when I got home. I am loving playing with the yarn again. I don't think I realized until yesterday how much I missed working in a LYS. Getting on the phone with Brown Sheep and Berroco, it's just FUN! Tina and Rebecca had rearranged the entire store on Thursday so I had to take the tour of all the changes when I came in the morning. Things flow much better now.

Mike didn't work yesterday so he had dinner waiting when I walked in, then I changed my clothes and we were off to a 50th Birthday Bash for the city of Warren, which is where my BIL/SIL live. There was a midway, art show, etc but we mostly were going for the free concerts (Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat) and the fireworks afterwards. It was a gorgeous night to be sitting and listening to (too loud) music and enjoying the fireworks.

All night I was wishing I had thought to bring my camera. OH MY did I see some interesting people last night. Old "rockers" who never left the 70s...too funny. And of course the carnival always draws quite a crowd of characters. The beer was flowing too, so that just adds to the people-watching enjoyment.

There was a guy there in a BRIGHT yellow suit jacket with the words "Spaghetti Man" graphically printed on the back. He also was wearing black pants cut off below the knees, and black shoes. Just in that getup he would have stood out. The entire night he did a crazy dance all through the crowd. He was quite a sight. I said to Mike at the end of the evening "is it any wonder that he's so skinny?" He must burn a ton of calories dancing like that for hours on end. Maybe THAT'S why he's Spaghetti Man. I just don't know. Oh, to be so carefree and not give a thought to what hundreds and hundreds of people are thinking of you as you just give in to your emotions and whims.

Update...I googled Spaghetti Man and found this article about him. I also found there are several videos of him on at different music venues around the Detroit area. Who knew? He seems to be somewhat of a local celebrity!

Mike's nephew knows the guy who was running the midway, so he was able to get free wristbands for all the kids to ride as long as they wanted. All we had to do was buy an elephant ear in appreciation (why do those things cost $5 now? Dang!) So the kids had a blast....Mike (and my BILS)stayed at the BOC concert while I was at the midway with the kids and my SILs. After a couple hours I was ready to fall over, my knee was killing me, and I was ready to sit down and relax. When we got back to the concert, Foghat was playing, and that lasted about 90 minutes.

The fireworks were great! I saw some that I have never seen before and it was really enjoyable. That lasted over 1/2 hour. They played some great oldies during the fireworks, bringing back a lot of memories, especially of early in Mike's and my relationship. I love how a song can just bring you back in time. Sometimes the memories take you right to a frozen moment when you heard that song together. Anyway, the weather was perfect, the sky was clear, there was a gentle breeze, we were all singing along with the music.

Then it was the very long trek back to the car, (about a 15 minute walk) but like I said, the night was just gorgeous and besides being exhausted and my knee hurting me, it couldn't have been a better evening.

Today I am going to try to finish up the commissioned B4 Bag, and hopefully felt it this weekend. The lady wants longer handles though, so I have to gear myself up for yards and yards of I-cord. Not my favorite....Maybe if Mike goes to send off his brother to FL after his visit this week, I'll put on a movie and knit I-cord for a couple hours.

I have a couple of birthday gifts to get in the mail, so hopefully I can get those packaged up today or tomorrow and finally get them in the mail on Monday morning.

One of the recipients is Jane. Oh my, did she have a special birthday this week! The Yarn Harlot was visiting Atlanta, ON JANE'S BIRTHDAY! What a way to spend your special day! Not only that, but Stephanie had spun some great yarn a while back, and then donated it to a charity auction. (You can see that beautiful yarn by going to Steph's May 16th entry) Guess who won it! Yep, Jane! So she knit a scarf from yarn that was spun by Harlot, and wore it when she got in line to get her book signed. She ended up on Steph's blog, of course. It was 12 hours of knitterly-Harlotty birthday fun for Jane! Since she got several early birthday presents, and then such a GREAT birthday on Wednesday, I've decided to extend her birthday a little longer by sending a belated gift. Never mind that it's merely my procratination that is getting it to her late. I'll just say that it was my intent to get presents to her on the late end of the celebration to balance out the early presents she got. Yeah, that's what it was.

My mom and dad are on their way to South Dakota to visit my sister. Sure wish I was going too!


Jane said...

Wow, it looks like you had a great time. I haven't been to a fair in ages. Maybe I'll take myself to the North Georgia Fair this year to see if it's a fun as the one you went to. Good luck with the i-cord. I'm looking forward to seeing the bag (and for my prezzie. You rock!)

Maria said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a very busy, happy day! Isn't it the thing when you want to get a picture of something and not having your camera. I've done this many times.
A picture of that spaghetti man would have been hilarious I'm sure.
Glad you had a good evening. Also happy that you are happy working in a yarn shop again.