Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spirit Week/Homecoming

It's been a really strange week around here. Spirit Week started with the Powder Puff football game on Monday evening. That was a lot of fun. The Junior girls won the game, and of course the Senior girls all claim it was 'fixed'. There were so many girls on the team that Kaitlyn only got to play for a short time, but they all had a blast, even if it was mostly cheering from the sidelines.

Mid-week there was a bomb-threat found written on a bathroom stall so they evacuated to the football field, had the building searched, and then had heightened security the rest of the week because the threat actually pinpointed Friday as the day something would happen. Lots of security at school, the football game, etc. Kind of put a damper on things. We didn't go to the football game because Kaitlyn had to work that night. Luckily nothing came of the threat, but these days you just never know. Used to be kids would pull the fire alarm at school to get a few minutes out of class. Now they've resorted to terrorism. Most threats I'm sure are just pranks, but each one has to be taken seriously. When it is a prank, it just just a huge waste of time, resources, manpower and money. I really hope they find out who made the threat and put a black cloud over what is supposed to be a really fun week at school.

Yesterday was the Homecoming Dance. Here is a picture of Kaitlyn and her date, Bruce.

In knitting news, I'm working on another pair of socks right now. I've got 2 pairs on the needles...must be because I'm teaching sock classes these days. This pair is in OnLine Supersocke Tropic color 928. It's a strange mix of colors, but they will be cute. I'll post pix when both pairs are done.


tina said...

Your daughter is lovely! It makes me remember the 'prom years'. From my vantage point I can look back and smile tenderly and not remember the :
a. Tiffs about the prom dress
b. Furrowed brows over the shoes
c. and the all out screamers about curfew!


Teenaged daughters I believe are best enjoyed well aged!

Jane said...

Oh, Kaitlyn is just beautiful, and they make such a handsome couple! I hope they had a lovely time.