Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lots of knitting, no pix

Cuz, you know, it's Christmas time!

I've gotten a few things done (YAY!) One pair of mittens is yet to be knit (or designed) and hopefully will get started in the next few days. Silly me, added a Fidget to my list. That knit up fast evening and it was done. I used some Tahki Bunny Print that was in my stash. It took a little more than one ball, and I'm thinking some wrist warmers done in the same stitch pattern/yarn for the cuffs and then some gray Lamb's Pride (ribbed) for the rest would be REALLY cute, so I'm working on designing those too. I have no idea who's going to get them, or why I thought it was a good idea to just add them to my knitting list. I still have so much to do and Christmas is HOW MANY days away? 12? TWELVE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The tree is up, the wreathes and candles are in all the windows. The garland is hung on the porch railings. That's where the decorating has stopped. I don't know how much more will happen at this point.

The shopping is going OK. I have to focus on getting the out of town gifts in the mail VERY SOON. This is always a problem for me, the eternal procrastinator.

Knitting continues. Christmas cards? Well, I have them....whether or not I (or someone) gets around to actually addressing and signing them I have no idea. Baking? I got as far as stocking up on eggs and butter and sugar and flour, but no baking has happened...yet. Will it? Who knows.

I'm trying really hard to convince myself that what gets done, gets done. What doesn't...well, it'll probably only be missed by me. I stress out so much some years, and don't enjoy the process much. Then when Christmas comes and goes, it is such a let down. "All that work and it's over already?" So I'm trying to tell myself not to "work" so hard to make things happen, and to let go of the things that don't get done.

Mike is working a lot more hours at his new job, and is usually worn out when he gets home. So the shopping is falling on my shoulders, as will most of everything else. He did help with the tree on Sunday and did put the garland and wreathes up by himself. So that was a big help. I need him to get some more boxes off the shelves in the garage so I can do at least a little bit more decorating around the house.

Off to knit some more.....


Jane said...

I hadn't seen the Fidget, that's very cute. There will be no Christmas cards outgoing from here this year. With the out of town wedding I have to attend right before Christmas, time is definitely running out for everything else that needs doing. No decorations at all up here yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Kim said...

I know what you mean about the Christmas cards...don't know if I'll be sending ours this year either.

Eleven days left now...tick, tock!!

Christine said...

Do what you can, jettison the rest. This year my mantra has been 'it doesn't have to be perfect' and that's actually working. It's only taken how many years to get that through my thick head...hang in there!

Karen said...

I had never seen a fidget before. Looks very easy to make. Very warm too and perfect for our very cold and snowy weather we seem to be having.