Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking of turning 50....

I'm really feeling my age today, after getting a look at what's going on in my body....

Last Tuesday I was innocently going about my business, about to make a pot of chicken soup. I filled the stock pot in the sink, then as I picked it up and turned to walk to the stove, I felt something not quite right in my back, and went quickly (OW OW OW OW-ing) all the way to the stove. By Friday I had decided I would make an appt. with a chiropractor because it was still pretty sore. I have never been to a chiropractor before, but I figured it was time I checked out this form of "help" with a body that seems to need more and more help these days.

I was able to get in that afternoon for X-rays and a consult, went back Saturday morning for an adjustment, and today we went over my X-rays. I could clearly see the areas where there were problems. There was some mal-alignment, but I also have a couple of bone spurs, early Phase II arthritis, and some decrease in disc space.


Even though arthritis is not reversable, I was assured that its progress could be slowed with exercise, and keeping my spine in line. He also suggested I change the way I sleep (that's going to be a tough one, after 49+ years). I highly doubt I can train myself to sleep on my back, but maybe my side. (I am a stomach sleeper, which apparently is hard on your neck)

So I'm going to give chiropractic care a whirl and see what it does for me. I figure, it can't hurt! Our insurance fully covers 24 visits a year, so that's cool.

Any time spent in the waiting room, or waiting in the exam room, will of course be spent knitting.

Today I took my socks to work on. I'm getting bored with this pair and really want them off the needles so I can get on to something else. But I am persevering. The reward of a really cool pair of socks will be worth it. I'm thinking I'm really getting ready for a knitting challenge. What will it be?

But first, I need to get back at spinning.

PS...look for a new mitten pattern soon


Maria said...

Hope your back feels better soon. Glad the insurance covers the treatments, that's a blessing!

Jane said...

Dang, getting old is really the pits, but I guess it still beats the alternative. LOL I hope you get quick relief from the treatments. There's nothing like back pain to make you feel bad. And mittens! Did you say MITTENS!!!!