Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This is not junk mail!

This came in the mail on Saturday....

Kaitlyn's best ever HS report card.

She has worked very hard!

All As !!!


Jake's Progress Report showed up on Monday. He is sad that he got his first "B" of his elementary school career. 89%....oh, sooo close. Jake has had All As every progress report and report card so far. He's in 5th grade now. He's going to work hard to turn that B into an A! WTG Jacob!


Maria said...

Yeah for Kaitlyn!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Christine said...

WTG Bloom kids!! Congratulations!

Carrie said...

Yay for the kids! Those are fantastic grades. My daughter got her first B this last period, and she was a little disappointed, too. But with those grades, it's hard to complain!

Jane said...

Congratulations, Kaitlyn & Jacob!! Good job.