Monday, February 04, 2008

Little treat for me, Great Etsy seller!

Last week I ordered a little sheepy something for myself from an Etsy seller. I don't remember how I came to be on her Etsy page. She may have had an ad on Ravelry, or was mentioned or recommended somehow. Anyway, this seller sure pays attention to detail, making every customer feel special, even for a small purchase like this. Go check out MissPurl's Etsy shop. Go on. I'll wait.

Today this came in the mail. Look how cute this little box is:

As I untied the bow and opened the box, I realized the box was handmade.

Inside was my little sheepy, snuggly wrapped in lavendar tissue paper, sealed with a sticker:

And here's my little sheepy cell phone charm. I'm not sure that's where she'll end up living, cuz I don't trust myself not to break her (glass). I may end up making her into a special stitch marker, or add her to a bracelet. Not sure yet. But how nice that the cord was pink to match my phone, huh?

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Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! I love the pink cell phone with the sheepy. I must say they are pretty durable I have had my sheepy on my phone for six months or so with out any issues!

Thank you so much.