Friday, January 25, 2008

Twilight Zone Moment

This is really bizarre, and hard to explain!

The other day I signed into my online account at the local library. I wanted to place a hold on a book that I had heard about that sounded interesting.

But, there in my "checkouts" list, was a book that I had not checked out. It was "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin.

I made a mental note to call the library and let them know that I had not checked out this book. (At the time I thought to myself that I had never even heard of this book....)

Later that day, I took a few moments to read a page or 2 of the book that I had been reading for about a week called This Day in the Life, Diaries from Women Across America. It's a great book where women from all walks of life sent in a diary of what they did June 29, 2004. I was reading the entry of Nadine Goldman, 65. She is a grandmother from Baltimore.

I read a few pages, and in the last entry of her day, written at 11:20 pm, she wrote that her 9 year old grandson loaned her a book that he thought she would enjoy reading. Then she named the book....

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.

(insert Twilight Zone music here)

How strange is that? Nadine goes on to say that he probably read it in one day but it was taking her longer, even though it was a good book and she was enjoying it.

When I went to amazon and checked into this book, it tickled something in my memory that I had indeed heard of this book before and thought it sounded interesting. However, it was not on my "to read" list, I had not reserved it at the library, and I definitely had not checked it out, no matter what the library's computer said!

I am thinking maybe this weird coincidence is trying to tell me something. I think now I have no choice but to read this book and see if there is a message somewhere in it that the universe is trying to get me to see.

Here is what amazon says about the book:

When an eccentric millionaire dies mysteriously, sixteen very unlikely people are gathered together for the reading of the will . . . and what a will it is!

I don't know what message I could find in this storyline, but I'm going to keep my eyes wide open to the possibilities.

Apparently this is a children's book, and perhaps I first heard of it from Jake's school librarian. I think I will have him read it to me. I love when he reads me a book (paybacks for all the books I've read to him!) The last one I think was Charlotte's Web. He's got a knack for reading aloud. He really puts a lot of personality into the characters and uses great voice inflections.

I think I should have Jake check it out from the school library though. It seems weird to put it on reserve now, after just having had the conversation with the circulation desk insisting that I didn't check it out!


Jane said...

Twilight Zone, indeed! Actually, I think that was Cory's favorite book at one time, as I have certainly heard of it, but not read it.

Maria said...

Great book! When I taught 5th grade, some of my book clubs read it in class. Your Twilight Zone Moment was quite intriguing!

Karen said...

That must have made you feel very strange. Very interesting!