Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer afternoon in the hammock

Remember my new toys that arrived a few weeks ago? Here they are all decked out in their colorful protective coverings. I originally wanted a green case for my macbook but orange runs a close second as far as favorite colors. It came today from Overstock.com. They were having a 10% off sale over the weekend, and since it was already cheaper than the original website I found it on, and now would be even cheaper, I took the plunge. 

Fun, huh?

"myPod" now has a lime green aluminum case (complete with belt clip which turns into an easel) I have also ordered a silicone skin for it for times when the clip is not necessary, and also some new green earbuds. Not just because they were green, but because I find that the earbuds they send along with the iPod Touch are pretty much useless (unless you have huge Shrek ears or something). I don't understand why this great piece of technology comes with such crappy earbuds. I have read/heard the same thing from so many people. When you're buying an expensive item like the iPod Touch, you should not have to immediately go out and buy new earbuds to go with it. Apple: listen to the people and fix this issue!

So my new toys and I are spending some time hanging out in the new hammock. Remember what I said yesterday?

Life is good......


Jane said...

Looks like a great place to relax!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Total ColorJoy, I totally approve. I just got a new laptop, not a mac but adorable and TINY. Photos within the week.

Funny, I don't use my MP3 player. I like silence most of the time when I'm alone. I do play music when I'm on the porch in *my* hammock.

Our neighborhood is active with houses close together. The music inside the house makes my ears pay attention to my own space rather than flipping out about someone's kid screaming for entertainment or their dog barking without being hushed by its owners.

So happy you're happy these days. What a gift that is!