Wednesday, July 09, 2008


So yesterday I was just going through my day, minding my own business.....

Then right before I was going to make dinner, I tried to get up off the couch.  And couldn't. I was stuck in a hunched over position and any movement toward standing upright caused great pain in my lower back. The rest of the evening I was fine only if I was still, but any movement whatsoever brought about my phrase for the evening which was OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW! (complete with an ugly grimace on my face).

Trying to sleep last night was not fun. Just getting into bed and laying down caused bolts of lightning to shoot through my spine. Getting comfortable? That took about 1/2 hour of very tiny movements. Turning over when I started feeling the bedsores forming from lack of movement? OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!!!  Getting out of bed this morning? Oh, fun! 

I managed to get into the shower, but was not able to shave my legs or even wash my feet. Of course I had to drop the soap (and knock the shampoo bottle down off the shelf too) each of which took a long, painful time to retrieve.  As soon as I was dressed I made my way downstairs and got right on the phone with the chiropractor. They were able to squeeze me in. I didn't dare sit down when I got there, for fear I wouldn't get out of the chair again, so I was ushered back to a room, where I STOOD waiting for over 30 minutes. Granted, they had to squeeze me into the schedule, but I was not happy to be left standing there for so long, especially at least 20 minutes of it was past the time they told me to come in! 

Anyway, he said I have a major pinched nerve, did some adjusting, and told me to go home, find a comfortable position, and stay there, with ice on my back. And come back at 6pm to see if the adjustment was holding. So I came home, had some lunch, took my book and my iPod up to bed with an ice pack. I watched some TV, listened to the Harry Potter audiobook on my iPod until I started nodding off. Took a little nap, turned the TV on again, wowed my sister with some emails from my iPod (she was whining that she can't email from HER iPod) and finally made my way back downstairs for another trip to the chiropractor, after asking Mike to pick up some pizza on his way home. 

I am back again, sitting here with ice stuffed down the back of my pants. Lovely. 

Maybe tomorrow I can shave my legs.....


Jane said...

Ouch, indeed! Sorry to see you are having such a bad problem. Hope the adjustment worked, and that you'll be feeling better in the morning.

Maria said...

Aww, Trish, how awful! I hope you are feeling better soon. I bet you can't even knit in that position, huh? UGH!

Kim said...

Trish, how is it doing today? Sounds pretty painful.

Hope you feel much better soon.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Now, grrrl... the legs can wait. Long skirts work wonders in the meantime.

Meanwhile, be smart and don't overdo. Listen to those who know more than you do. And get better!