Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here a mitten, there a mitten, everywhere a mitten mitten

Here is what I've been sewing on the old Singer treadle machine. It's got the "get up and go" needed to get through all the layers of felted wool. I've got a few more pairs almost done.

I've bought so many thrift store sweaters lately that I keep saying I may need an intervention. It's fun to find just the right ones for the mitten tops, and then pick from the many plain sweaters for coordinating palms, and cuffs. I am using cashmere for the linings.... yummy... and warm!

PS... how cute is this face?


Diane said...

Love, love, love my mittens!! You are the most creative and talented sister EVAH!

Jane said...

Oh, swooning from the cute!! What a darling girl she is. And I'm even more impressed by my mittens, knowing that you did them on that old treadle machine. It's a really lovely piece of equipment. It's going to be really cold here again this week, so out the mittens come - thank goodess!