Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Olympics, I will miss you

I love the Olympics. I'm sad they are over, but sure did enjoy the thrills of victory, and the agony of defeat (especially that hockey game... but what an exciting nail biting game it was)

I took part in the Knitting Olympics this year, and squeaked in my last bind off stitch mere moments before the Olympic torch was extinguished. I thought I had til 10:30, so good thing I went gangbusters for that last hour or so. Here are the Skew sox that don't fit me, so Kaitlyn is modeling them, and will hopefully enjoy them. I want to make another pair, for me, once the math is figured out for my size. What a fun knit! It really boggles my mind that Lana came up with this very unusual construction!

Here are my gold-medal socks


Maria said...

Very cool socks! I finally picked up the sock I was knitting last summer and got started on the gusset. Thank God it all came back to me.

Jane said...

Congrats on the Gold!! The socks look great.