Monday, April 05, 2010

It's been a while....

I fell off the face of the blog-world (as I've been known to do numerous times before) This time I basically was removed from life as I normally live it by a horrible case of sciatica that left me unable to walk or stand, and sometimes even sit, for the better part of 5 weeks. I spent so many hours laying on (only) my right side that I thought I might develop bedsores. Ugh. Finally after stronger and stronger painkillers, muscle relaxers, and starting physical therapy, I am finally on the mend and can see that there is hope I may one day be healed!

Luckily the 3 sessions of PT last week started me along my way enough that I was able to enjoy the weekend of Easter festivities. McKenna was making her spring debut after a winter of isolation, and the family was so happy to see her and be able to interact with her after all these months. We wondered if she would be overwhelmed by so many people after having such a quiet first 8 months of her life, but she took it all in and entertained everyone with her cuteness.

Saturday we spent with Mike's family, and then had brunch with my family on Sunday morning. Here are a few photos from the weekend. I whipped up the ducky in about a day, and McKenna liked chewing on it.

My big girl with her little girl

Me and my little hunny bunny

McKenna and her new ducky

McKenna trying on Auntie Kait's Ugg boots.
Maybe next year she can borrow them :-)

McKenna and her Uncle Jake

4 Generations:
Great Grandma, McKenna, Mommy and Grandma

Aunt Kaitlyn and McKenna

We're not sure, but these might just be
the longest eyelashes in North America!

The Easter Bunny brought me PEACHES?!?!?

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Kim S. said...

Great pics, Trish. And those ARE the longest eyelashes, aren't they?